It’s Christmas Day!

Use the writing prompt below to inspire you to write a scene.

You and your family are going to have Christmas dinner with your long-lost brother who found you a couple of months earlier. This will be the first time you’ve met. You know very little about him other than that your parents gave him up for adoption before they got married and before you were born. Describe the events of the day from the moment you meet until you go home.

Holidays Around the World

Use the writing prompt below to inspire you during this busy holiday season.

December is a month of multicultural holiday celebrations. From Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexican) to St. Lucia Day (Swedish) to Hanukkah (Jewish) to Christmas (Christian) to Kwanzaa (African American), numerous holidays are celebrated and traditions upheld. Which holiday will you celebrate? What traditions will you follow, and will you make new ones?

The Storage Unit

Use the writing prompt below to inspire you to write a scene.

Your family has had a storage unit in a neighboring state for over two decades. You decide to clean it out, so you travel to the storage unit’s location. As you approach the door, you notice the lock has been cut, and a strange green goo is seeping out from under the door. When you open the door, what do you find?

Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is upon us, with all of the festivities that accompany this time of year. Use the following prompt to write about the season.

You and your family celebrate the holidays in your own unique way. What are some of the traditions that you include in your celebration?

Thanksgiving at the Family Farm

Use the following writing prompt to inspire you to write a scene.

You and your significant other make a trip to the family farm for Thanksgiving. When you get there, you find that the farm has been deserted. Everything is still in place just as if your family simply walked away, and the animals are running amok. What has happened to your family?