Line Editing

The line editing process occurs before copy editing or proofreading. It applies to the creative content, writing style, and language used to communicate with the reader. During a line edit, we reword sentences to improve clarity and flow.

The purpose of a line edit is not to find mechanical errors. Instead, a line edit centers on language; specifically, the focus is on the way you use language to communicate with your reader.

A line edit may consist of the following: eliminating overused words or sentences; run-on sentences; overuse of passive voice; tightening dialogue; clumsy phrasing; and clarifying scenes where the author’s meaning is unclear.

Our rate for our line editing service is 4.5 cents per word. For example, conducting a line edit on a 50,000 word manuscript would cost $2,250. Please remember that we do not charge any set up or additional fees.