Copy Editing

Copy editing services are provided after a manuscript has been thoroughly edited by a line editor. A copy editor looks for technical errors in a manuscript in which the content has been finalized.

Our copy editing service consists of editing a manuscript for publication where we check five main areas: 1) inconsistencies; 2) spelling; 3) grammar; 4) punctuation; and 5) house style.

We correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. We also realize when grammar rules are being broken for effect. We ensure that names, hyphenated words, and capitalization are written consistently. We apply house style from a publisher’s manual, including any publishing house specified by the author.

Our rate for our copy editing service is 2.3 cents per word. For example, copy editing a 50,000 word manuscript would cost $1,150. Please remember that we do not charge any set up or additional fees.