The Snowstorm

Use the writing prompt below to inspire you.

The storm of the century is headed your way. You and your family begin preparing by buying non-perishable food and LED lanterns. You decide to brave the attic to find your extra blankets. When you enter the attic, you notice a strange, oval-shaped light on the far side of the room. What is it, and what do you do?

Welcome, 2018!

Use the writing prompt below to write a scene.

The new year is here! Imagine that you spent New Year’s Eve alone to contemplate all the things that happened during the previous year. As you’re reading and meditating, you hear the noise of a celebration from somewhere in your house, but you know no one is there. You decide to check it out. What do you find?

It’s Christmas Day!

Use the writing prompt below to inspire you to write a scene.

You and your family are going to have Christmas dinner with your long-lost brother who found you a couple of months earlier. This will be the first time you’ve met. You know very little about him other than that your parents gave him up for adoption before they got married and before you were born. Describe the events of the day from the moment you meet until you go home.

The Christmas Lights

Use the writing prompt below to inspire you to write a scene.

You and your family travel to a nearby city to drive through a neighborhood famous for its Christmas light displays. You approach one large home where the house and yard are completely covered in lights. As you watch, mesmerized, a figure full of light rises out of the display. You point it out, but your family can’t see it. You get out to approach it. What is it? What do happens when you get close?