The Ski Trip

Use the following writing prompt to inspire you.

You and your friends take a road trip to a ski resort. You have never been skiing before, but you want to try. You sign up for lessons from a cute ski instructor. You’re not looking for a romance, but you flirt a little, and he flirts back. You know you’ll be going home in a couple of days. What do you do?

The Dream

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, a day set aside to celebrate the birthday of the civil rights leader. Use the following prompt inspired by this day to write a scene.

Imagine that you attended the famous “I Have a Dream” speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. What would your thoughts have been? Would it have inspired you to take some sort of action? What would that have been?


Use the following writing prompt to inspire you to write today.

It’s a new year! The time when you focus on creating a better you. Have you made any resolutions? How do you plan to stick with them?

New Year’s Eve Party

It’s a new year! Let’s celebrate with the writing prompt below:

You and your friends go to a new retro club for New Year’s Eve. You dance the night away with a dashing man in a fedora, and one of your friends learns the jitterbug from an admirer. The countdown to midnight begins, and just as you lean over to kiss your handsome partner, everyone in the club disappears except for you and your friends. What happened?