The Blizzard

Use the picture below, along with the following questions, to inspire you to write a scene for your short story or novel. Who lives in this cabin? Is it abandoned? Which characters are seeking refuge, and why were they caught in a blizzard?



Creating Change

Today’s writing prompt is in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. Dr. King was known for his social advocacy. Imagine that you can change one social issue plaguing our world. What would it be, and how would you persuade others to see your point of view?

Dream Home

Today’s writing prompt focuses on description and setting. Include as many details as possible about the following:

You have just moved into your dream home and are describing it to your best friend, who hasn’t seen it yet. You fill her in on the location and why you chose it. You also tell her about the features of the home. What details to you include?