The Costume Party

Use the following writing prompt to inspire you to write a scene.

Your friend is hosting a costume party at a downtown hotel on Halloween. You work on your costume for weeks. You arrive fashionably late, or so you think, until you walk in to find you’re all alone. You double check the welcome sign at the front of the room to make sure you’re in the right place, and you are. You walk to the front desk, but no one is there either. You don’t see any guests or staff at all and the hotel appears to be deserted. What’s going on?

The Black Cat

Use the following writing prompt to inspire you.

You and your significant other are taking a walk in the woods. You see a black cat cross your path ahead. Wondering where he’s going, you strike out into the woods to follow him. About 200 feet into the woods, you come to a clearing. The cat is sitting in the middle of the clearing, cleaning his paws. Then, the cat vanishes and is replaced by a magnificent image. What do you see?