The Costume Party

Use the following writing prompt to inspire you to write a scene.

Your friend is hosting a costume party at a downtown hotel on Halloween. You work on your costume for weeks. You arrive fashionably late, or so you think, until you walk in to find you’re all alone. You double check the welcome sign at the front of the room to make sure you’re in the right place, and you are. You walk to the front desk, but no one is there either. You don’t see any guests or staff at all and the hotel appears to be deserted. What’s going on?

The Storage Unit

Use the writing prompt below to inspire you to write a scene.

Your family has had a storage unit in a neighboring state for over two decades. You decide to clean it out, so you travel to the storage unit’s location. As you approach the door, you notice the lock has been cut, and a strange green goo is seeping out from under the door. When you open the door, what do you find?

The New School

Use the writing prompt below to inspire you.

You are going overseas to help start a new school and teach English. When you get there, you are surprised by the lack of interest. What do you do to encourage students to attend? Where do you find supplies? What kind of lessons do you create?

The Search

Use the writing prompt below to inspire you.

Your brother has been missing for six years. Every once in a while, you receive a postcard that lets you know he’s still alive. The last postcard arrived almost two years ago from Vermont. You set out to find him so that your mother can have some peace of mind. How do you conduct the search? What do you find?