About Us

Michael Matthews


Hello, friends! I wear several caps, including editor, writer, and lawyer. But my absolute passion is for storytelling, and I enjoy helping authors tell their stories.

As an editor, I make several passes through a manuscript and, of course, look to make improvements to grammar, consistency, style, and structure. I use Microsoft Word's track changes and comment features to perform my edits. I respect the author's voice and defer to the author's preferences.

I graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a Bachelor of Arts in English and the Oklahoma City University School of Law, where I served as the editor-in-chief for the Oklahoma City University Law Review. As the editor-in-chief, I performed final edits to academic articles written by law professors, judges, and lawyers and reviewed camera-ready proofs prior to shipping them off to the printers.

My favorite writers are Thomas Paine, Roald Dahl, Edgar Allan Poe, Franz Kafka, and Rod Serling. I am also a fan of all things strange, weird, and unusual. This includes the book series Weird U.S.A., Coast to Coast AM, and my business partner, Staci Mauney.

Staci Mauney


In 2015, my business partner, Michael Matthews, and I decided to find a way to combine our two passions: editing and helping people. It was through this process that Prestige Prose was born.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in mass communications, graduating summa cum laude, I found a position with a local government agency, where I monitored and wrote grants for senior services as well as edited and developed public relations information. Later, I continued my education with a Master of Education in Secondary Education, again graduating with honors. I also moved into a new position with a local non-profit agency where I continue to write grants and edit and develop public relations information. In the past fifteen years, I have written and edited press releases, annual reports, brochures, and everything in between. During my academic career, I wrote and edited academic papers and theses, and I also served as a tutor for undergraduate and graduate students who needed an editor for various types of academic papers.

As a writer, I write creative nonfiction, short stories, and maintain a devotional blog, Echoes of Joy. Several of my short stories have been published. As a freelance editor, I have worked on all levels of the editing spectrum to edit manuscript length books, genre fiction series, and short stories. In addition, I volunteer to proofread brochures for my church on a weekly basis.

As an author myself, I know how important it is that the author's voice not be changed during the editing process. Each of us has a distinctive voice, and it is the editor's job to enhance that voice, not overwhelm it. The editor should remain behind the scenes and is there to make the author look better, not to put the spotlight on herself.

While I find inspiration from a number of literary sources, such as C.S. Lewis, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen, I am most inspired by those closest to my heart. These include my parents, who believe in me and my work and encourage me to pursue my dreams; my business partner, Michael Matthews, who inspires me to do more and become better each step of the way; and my Savior, Jesus Christ, who provides the words when I have none.