The Blind Date

Use the following writing prompt to inspire you to write a scene.

Your best friend has set you up on a blind date with one of her old friends. Your date texts you to set up the location, and you agree to meet at a local restaurant. Because you looked him up on social media, you know what he looks like as well as a few of his interests. So you’re surprised when he walks into the restaurant. What has surprised you about him?

Church Camp

Use the writing prompt below to write a scene.

You and your friends have gone to church camp for the week. One morning, you are on your own, so you decide to hike through the woods to a nearby stream. After spending a few moments by the water, you hear something behind you. What – or who – is it? What does it want? And what do you do?

The Birthday Party

Use the writing prompt below to write a scene.

Your best friend’s 30th birthday is quickly approaching, and you’re in charge of the party. What do you do to celebrate this milestone event?

Celebrating Independence Day

Use the writing prompt below to write a scene.

To celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, you attend a fireworks spectacular with a group of your friends. As the sound of fireworks begins to die down, you hear one more sharp retort, but don’t see the fireworks light up the sky. Thinking it must have been a dud, you turn to see one of your friends writhing in pain on the ground, a gunshot wound in her shoulder. Who wanted to hurt (possibly kill) your friend, and why? And how do you find the answers to those questions?