The Love Letter

Use the following writing prompt to inspire you to write a scene.

You are packing up your house, getting ready to move to a smaller place after the death of your significant other. While cleaning out dresser drawers, you come across a stack of letters . Curious, you open one and see your partner’s handwriting. Then you notice that it was dated only a few months before his death and addressed to a woman you’ve never heard of. What do you do?

The Inauguration

The following writing prompt was inspired by the celebration of President’s Day, a holiday to honor both President Washington’s and President Lincoln’s birthdays.

You are the new President of the United States. Like Washington and Lincoln, you take office at a time when the nation is divided on many issues. You are preparing your inaugural speech with the hope of bringing the nation together. What is your message?

The Romantic Getaway

Use the writing prompt below to write a scene celebrating Valentine’s Day.

You and your significant other have a long-distance relationship and haven’t seen each other for three months due to work. You make plans to meet halfway at a romantic, secluded mountain resort on Valentine’s Day. You arrive early to spread rose petals around the room and light candles. While you’re drawing a bath, you hear the door to the room open. You step into the room to see a stranger staring back at you. What happens next?

The Roses

Use the following writing prompt to celebrate the month of love.

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day you’ve been dreading because you’re single again. You watch as your coworkers who are in relationships receive gifts throughout the day. Depressed, you just want to go home and cuddle up with a good book. Just before the day ends, someone leaves a dozen red roses on your office chair with a card marked simply, “Your Secret Admirer.” Who sent them, and how do you find out?