What Is Free Writing?

This week, we will discuss how to generate ideas. Writers are frequently asked where their ideas come from. A number of techniques exist to spur creativity. One such technique is free writing. This popular technique involves selecting a topic, allotting a given period of time, and then during that time writing every thought that comes to mind about that topic without censoring yourself at all. Many writers begin free writing only five minutes at a time and increasing their time by five minutes every three to four days.

During free writing, it is important that you do not censor your thoughts or concern yourself with proper grammar or whether your writing even makes sense. The benefit of this technique is to allow subconscious ideas to emerge to a conscious level. Free writing can be used to overcome writer’s block as well as apathy.

Much of what you write during free writing will not be usable. However, after you complete your free writing exercise, you should review your writing and attempt to find links between her thoughts to further develop intriguing ideas that may emerge. Circle any words or phrases that are repeated.

Do you use free writing to generate ideas? What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) topics for free writing? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!