The Conch Shell

Use the following writing prompt to inspire you to write a scene:

You and your significant other go to the beach. While walking along the beach, you find a conch shell and hold it to your ear. Instead of hearing the sounds of the sea, you hear a voice whispering instructions to you. You place the shell by your partner’s ear, but he hears only the sound of the wind and the waves. What is the voice telling you? And what do you do about it?

Under the Bed

Use the writing prompt below to inspire you.

Your daughter comes to you and tells you that there is a monster under her bed. You reassure her that monsters are not real, but she is still scared and insists that something is under her bed. You stay in her room one night to comfort her, and you hear scratching noises coming from under the bed, too. What is it, and what do you do?

The Scavenger Hunt

Use the following writing prompt to write a scene:

Your oldest child will be turning 10 this weekend. You’re planning a scavenger hunt. Where will the scavenger hunt begin and end? What items will the children look for? What kind of prizes will you give away?



Adventure in the Country

Use this week’s writing prompt to write a character sketch.

Create a character who leaves the big city to search for his birth mother in the country. What prompted the search? Does he find her? What happens when/if he finds her? Use description to convey the emotions your character feels at each step along the way.

Independence Day

Use the following writing prompt for inspiration:

You are a Patriot spy in the Revolutionary War, fighting for independence from Great Britain. You have infiltrated several Loyalist meetings and learned of a skirmish planned for the next day. What do you do with this information?