Memorial Day Celebration

Today’s writing prompt is in honor of Memorial Day and all those who have served and died while on active duty in the United States military.

You and your spouse just bought a new home in the country. The two of you are exploring the attic when you find a dusty old trunk in the corner. When you open it, you find a folded U.S. flag, a Purple Heart tucked in a black box, a worn military dress jacket, and an old black-and-white photo of a man wearing that same military jacket. You want to return the items, so you begin to search for their rightful owner. What do you find?

Hot Air Balloon Ride

It’s time for this week’s writing prompt! Use the following scenario to inspire you.

You and your significant other book a hot air balloon ride to celebrate your anniversary. When you arrive, you climb into the hot air balloon, excited about this new adventure. The pilot unties the hot air balloon from the ground, and you begin to take off without him in it. He waves and tells you to have fun. What do you do?

Bike Path

Today’s writing prompt is in honor of American Bike Month, which is celebrated every May. Use the following scenario to inspire you!

You are dedicated to becoming healthier, and you set a goal to take a bike tour. You purchase a new bike that is equipped for such a journey, and then you begin to train. How do you prepare for this journey? Where will you go, and what will you see along the way?

The Treehouse

Use the following writing prompt to inspire you:

You and your friends decide to build a treehouse. Your dad agrees to provide the tools and help with the labor. You and your friends draw up the plans. What does your treehouse look like?