April Fools Day

April Fools Day is quickly approaching! Use the following prompt to inspire you to write a scene.

You work in an office of practical jokers. One of your coworkers has convinced you to play an April Fools Day joke on the boss. At first, you are reluctant to get involved, but the more you learn about her plan, the more excited you become. What kind of prank does she have planned and what is your part in it?


Spring Break

It’s time for spring break around much of the country. Use the following spring break-themed writing prompt to inspire you:

You and your friends go to the beach over spring break. On the way, your car breaks down in a desolate area, and you don’t have a cell phone signal. What happens next?


Lucky Leprechaun

Today’s writing prompt is in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. Use the following prompt to inspire you:

You find a leprechaun in your basement. He gives you a four-leaf clover so that you’ll have good luck for one day. You want to extend your good luck, and you carry the leprechaun in your pocket. He doesn’t like this, and your luck changes. What happens to you?