The Leap Year Challenge

This year is a Leap Year! Use the following prompt about something that happens only during Leap Year to inspire you.

Every Leap Year, you watch as a portal opens up in your bedroom. You have always been too afraid to step through it, but you decide that this will be the year you check it out. When February 29 rolls around, the portal opens again. What do you do?

The Cherry Tree

Today is President’s Day! Use the following writing prompt to inspire you:

You have traveled back in time. You catch young George Washington just as he is about to chop down that cherry tree. What do you do?

The Reality Show

Here is a new writing prompt to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Write a scene in which your main character appears on a reality show. By the third episode, your main character begins to fall in love with one of the other contestants. Describe your character’s┬álove interest and the circumstances that lead them to fall in love.

Ghosts of Past Loves

Today’s writing prompt celebrates the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.

Imagine that you are visited by the ghosts of past loves. Their goal is to teach you a lesson about love. What do they tell you? Do you heed their advice?