The Ice Storm

You travel across the state to visit relatives for Christmas, and an ice storm hits the area the day after you arrive. The power goes out, and you are not able to leave because the roads are too slick. What happens before the lights come back on?

Saving Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, today’s writing prompt has a turkey day theme.

You are in charge of preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Your family will be arriving any minute, so you check the turkey that’s cooking in the oven. It’s still frozen, and while your back is turned, your dog drags the pumpkin pie off the counter and onto the floor. What do you do?

Writing Prompts

At Prestige Prose, we believe that writing prompts generate stories in genres the writer might not otherwise attempt. The purpose of a writing prompt is to spur creativity by creating an image in the mind of the writer and allowing the writer to develop a story around that image. Using a writing prompt allows the writer to devise a theme for the story. The writer uses all of her senses to produce a story based on the image the prompt inspires.

We will post one writing prompt each week. Check back often for updates.

November 7, 2015 – This Thanksgiving, you are away from home for the first time and cannot afford to travel a great distance. You have a few acquaintances nearby, but no one you know well. How do you spend the holiday?